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Patton's Boys
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Patton's Boys
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Patton's Boys
In April of 1968 Colonel George S Patton took command of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Southeast Vietnam. He arrived with two things on his mind, one was the Regiment’s new motto, Find the Bastards Then Pile On! The other was to develop an elite striking force to have the sole mission of Finding the Bastards. That’s how and why the all-volunteer soldiers of the Aero Rifle Platoon was born. From 1968 until 1972 the famed band of brothers served the Regiment by locating the enemy and holding contact until the Cavalry Troopers would Pile On and finish the mission.

Patton’s Boys is their story as told by the members of the famed Aero Rifle Platoon and the door gunners, crew chiefs and pilots that took them into and out of those hot landing zones.

Signed by both authors CW2 Jack Stoddard, & Edward Cook.