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A Good Night's Work - Limited Print
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A Good Night's Work - Limited Print
Large Picture
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A Good Night's Work - Limited Print
A Good Night's Work Print Signed and Numbered by James Dietz. This print of 11th ACR Troopers at the break of dawn processing detainees and uncovering a cache of munitions is dedicated to the Troopers serving with the 11th ACR who gave the ultimate sacrifice during Operation Iraqi Freedom III. The Troopers listed below represent the best ideals upon which freedom is founded: SPC Casey Laware, CPL Tyler Dickens, CPL Kevin Price, CPT Stephen Frank, CPT Ralph Harting III, SGT John Smith, SPC Bryan Barron, SSG Saburant Parker, SPC Daniel Varnado, CPL Audrey Lunsford, SGT Adrian Orosco, SSG Milton Rivera-Vargas, SPC Javier Villanueva, 1LT Robert Oneto-Sikorski, SGT Jacob Dones, SPC Brian Derks, SSG Luis Pena-Romero, SGT Travis Cooper, SGT David Murray, SGT Mark Maida, SFC Randy Collins. The image size is 15 x 25 and the overall size is 21.5 X 31 inches.